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Wet Digital Camera

edited May 2010 in General
I got my camera wet on my recent vacation and it appears to be broken. Is there any hope for me?


  • Thanks for the post. What brand and model number is the camera? What signs are you seeing that it's broken, i.e. does it power up at all? My first thought is to let it dry completely, disconnected from power, for a couple days, because any dampness in the camera can cause further damage and short it out when it's turned on. But again, if you can let me know the brand and model number, I can look up more specific information. Thanks!
  • Hi LadyJay! The settings have been updated so that you get an e-mail when a response to a post is made...let me know if you get one. Thanks!
  • Sorry for the delay in information, but I have a Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital E;ph (7.1 Mega Pixels).
  • Thanks for the info. I'm not an expert on cameras, but from what I can tell, replacing the screen is the most obvious step. This may correct the problem (the screen being dead, while the rest of the camera is working), however it may be that additional damaged electronics are causing the screen to not work, and therefore replacing the screen may not help at all. But it's one of those things where you have to try it to know. Also, it's conceivable that liquid-damage on the circuit board has caused corrosion, and cleaning that corrosion off with q-tips and rubbing alcohol could help, so that's a step that could be taken short of replacing the screen.

    Anyway, here's a guide to the screen replacement:

    And here's a $35 replacement screen on eBay:*F?&GUID=ab62b6901270a06c2135b4a5ff9cc405&itemid=350225506939&ff4=263602_263622

    If the camera's under warranty, I'd probably try that route first, even though they might not repair it due to signs of liquid damage. If it's not under warranty, though, and you're willing to risk $35, it might be worth a shot. Or a PowerShot. Ha!

    Hope that helps, and let me know what you think.

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