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  • rbheart

    Ramu Balakrishnan has sent you a message
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    Hi RDKL, INK
    Greetings from Cambodia...

    issue No: 1) I have a 17 inch (Mid 2009) MacBook Pro where there is a sleep light, Battery charging from green to Amber until Green again means id fully charged, the fans are running but no screen and no chime?

    Issue No: 2) Before I send to a repair shop there a Grey Screen after that they say they couldn't repair it. Now no grey Screen, no chime what must I do and how do I get it fixed. Please help....

    Issue No: 3) Do you have a second-hand 17 inch Screen and a SSD Drive for sale where I can buy of you ?

    My Email is rbheart@gmail.com

    Mr. Bala
    August 2017
  • Gdyck
    Hey john so I did the PRAM reset on my macbook but at the end when it suppose to boot into options menu it dual boots into windows 7. how to i reset and wipe everything. please help
    January 2015
  • cbechard
    Hi John listen I have an Ibook g4 want to wipe did your ram trick. But I must have wrong cd for booting. What osx do I need to wipe drive and install new os
    July 2014