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  • Hi! eBay is really the only place, unless you're in touch with recyclers that can look out for them for you. Search for them daily and you'll find something acceptable. But if you want confirmed working condition, you're going to pay at least a …
  • Hello, and congrats on starting a recycler! I liked your Facebook page. I wouldn't expect any visibility on FaceBook unless you are willing to pay for it (which may or may not be worthwhile). I've had traction on X, and traction on YouTube. I woul…
  • Hi! Unfortunately while 2007 has power on pads, they are unreliable and almost never work. If you disconnect the fan cable connector, they are hidden right under there.
  • I would do all the resets to make sure the Mac is in the ideal state to do the DFU mode. Also try a different keyboard in case yours has an issue.
    in iMac Comment by John December 2023
  • The computer doesn't do much when you go into DFU mode, but you should see the computer appear in Configurator 2 on the other computer. I've never put an iMac into DFU mode, so it's new territory for me. You can always take it into an Apple store.
    in iMac Comment by John December 2023
  • Hi! Best option is to contact your former employer and ask them to unlock. What do you mean when you say you had no success with DFU mode? You couldn't get it into DFU mode, or you did and then it didn't remove the lock? Here's DFU mode and restor…
    in iMac Comment by John December 2023
  • https://www.rdklinc.com/answers/discussion/comment/989#Comment_989 Did you read the post? The info you ask for is above.
  • Hi and thanks for the post! I can buy all for the right price, but the only ones in the picture I actively really go after these days are the A1342 white unibody, and the black/brown PowerBooks. Do you by chance have an inventory, or can you send m…
  • Hi Joshua! Thanks for posting! The best way is to buy from recyclers. Here's my video on doing that. Let me know if you have any additional questions after watching the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5kdhZBgNQY&t=16s Thanks! John
  • I don't personally ship overseas, but you should build relationships with recyclers in the US. Here's my video on how to do that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5kdhZBgNQY&t=3s
  • Sounds good! eBay's definitely the place. Just make sure it's working and condition is what you want. I think this is what you're looking for: https://www.cmizapper.com/products/tiresias-gpukiller.html Hugh Jeffreys demonstrated it in his video: ht…
  • Or even get a 2012 15" A1286. They can be had even cheaper. 2012 is more powerful and more reliable. The only conceivable reason to stay with 2011 is to have a 17", but even that I would argue is not worth it.
  • Hello! Quite honestly, there is no reasonable solution at this point that doesn't cost 3x what the laptops are worth, and even if you have it fixed, it's prone to dying again. It's just a never-ending rabbit hole that's not worth anyone's time. I s…
  • Sending one to India would cost more than it's worth. You are better off finding one locally.
  • Unfortunately, I really don't get newer machines, and I also don't know if they still are putting power-on-pads on them, honestly. Maybe someone else with more information will post. Thanks, John
  • Hello! Yeah the iPad 2 is not super fast with the newest OS it can take. I do not have experience doing this. The one suggestion I would make is to try out Apple Configurator 2 (free download to a Mac from the App Store). It offers much more sophi…
  • I wonder if the previous owner (not the original owner) is scamming you and did a bypass. It's called a bypass because it bypasses the setup wizard and also the handshake during which the machine is determined to be locked or not. So you're able t…
  • Also, are you sure this is activation lock and not a firmware password? Again, extremely odd that it worked all this time.
  • It often depends on which Apple tech you talk to, and if you're talking to a manager. I would take the eBay receipt and the computer to an Apple store and argue that the machine worked for 8 months, which it shouldn't have if it was activation lock…
  • Hi! Is there some reason you didn't return it to the eBay seller when you realized it was locked? It probably won't work, but you can take a printout of the eBay listing to the Apple store along with the Pro, and they might release it.
  • Hi! This isn't really the kind of question I answer. I would check out Luke Miani's videos on YouTube -- he does a great job of weighing the pros and cons of each model.
  • I don't have a lot of specific experience with that machine. You say it "broke"...was there something that happened, i.e. did it take a hit or experience liquid damage? As far as generic advice, I would reset SMC and PRAM, and I would rese…
  • Check out AppleTech: https://www.appletech752.com/ I believe there is a bypass available for T2 models. It's not the same as eliminating it entirely, but at least it allows the laptop to be used.
  • Sorry you are getting activation locked Macs...Apple refurbishing as a whole will soon be doomed if we don't succeed in pushing back against Apple on this issue. I have no use for bypassed machines, so I don't do by passes etc and I'm not going to b…
  • Watch my video on finding electronics recyclers. Since you're in Africa, you might have to find recyclers around the world and then convince them to ship to you, which won't be cheap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5kdhZBgNQY&t=43s
  • Hmmmm...I've never encountered that. Why would you delete your iCloud account? If you are legitimate in doing all this, and the laptop is provably yours, I would go to an Apple store or call Apple, and they should be able to sort it out for you. Y…
  • Hi! Watch my video on buying from recyclers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5kdhZBgNQY&t=43s
  • Hi! Unfortunately the CPU and GPU on these machines are connected to the board and not upgradeable. You could potentially swap out the whole board, but it would be a waste of time and money and would not get you a significant performance bump -- i…
    in Upgrade Comment by John September 2021
  • 2014 retina? $30-$55. The price is all over the place, and so is quality. A quality battery is worth more. There are places you can reliably get quality batteries, but they are generally priced so high its not worthwhile.
  • I have no idea on the codes. My troubleshooting method is to replace hardware...I don't spend any time with diagnostics, etc. Did you try a different cable? It's fairly common for the fault to be the cable when you have power but no data. Up to yo…