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Need help trying to remove accounts from 2 iPad's.

I recently purchased two iPad's from a local thrift store, they were very cheap as they were both icloud locked. I tried a few methods I researched online to try and remove these locks but nothing has worked. Would someone possibly have a suggestion as to what I can do to remove the icloud locks? I would genuinely like to start using one and to give the other to my mom. Any advice or tips are appreciated!!! 😁


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    Hi! I don't do iPad bypasses or serial number changes so I'm not really an expert on this topic, but check out this video. The fixes all depend on which version of iPad you have, so if the video is not relevant to your iPads, check out this guy's web page, because he has tools for pretty much every model.

    Also, as far as the terminology -- a "bypass" does not actually unlock an iPad and simply bypasses the setup wizard in which the iPad would do the handshake and discover that it is locked, allowing it to be used as long as you don't reset it again. Therefore, you can't really sell bypassed iPads/iPhones because the user will eventually reset and get stuck.

    However, a serial number change (shown in this video) does truly release the lock, because Apple locks devices based on an offending serial number. If you change to a clean serial and reset the device, it will do the handshake with Apple and not get locked. Therefore a serial number change is preferable, although unfortunately for some devices only a bypass is possible.

  • I might be able to hep you, but I would need the Model number off the back, with the EMC.

    What I have experience in the passed years of unlocking and by passing devices, iPad 2, A1395, with EMC 2560, 16gb, can be unlocked, by replacing a matching set of numbers "Serial Number, WiFi, and Bluetooth".

    Other iPad 2's with different EMC and higher storage, I could not find which hard drive to replace, because anything above 16gb, has two hard drives and anything other then the EMC 2560, you would have to find a matching hard drive, if you cannot reprogram the one on the device.

    I started years ago removing the hard drive, reprogramming the hard drive and putting it back on the device, now you have adapters you can place the board in and reprogram, they even have programmers and adapters, that you don't have to remove the screen anymore, to reprogram and remove the lock.

    Good luck, I just join this site looking around.

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