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  • anne

    Hi, don't know if you are still reading this site but on the off chance you are I would like to ask you a question.

    I inherited an ipad 3 that belonged to my sister in law who died a few months back. My brother doesn't know her passwords. I asked Apple and they said we would have to get a court order to get her account. I am not going to ask my brother to do that for an old ipad and I don't want the information on it, just access to play with it.

    The link to the website you had doesn't work anymore and I just wanted to see if you know of anyway to easily do this. It is a 32 GB ipad 3 model A1430. I had to buy a charger and cable for it so I am in about 25.00 but don't want to send good money after bad and the sites I have been looking at look like scam artists.

    After this experience, I gave my husband all of my passwords for my iphone and mac book just in case! Stuff we never think of!

    Thanks in advance if you see this and answer!😁

    November 2021