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Sell your MacBook

Buying a lot of MacBooks/Laptops/Consoles/Desktop from RDKL INC

Hello John, my name is Antonio Goncalves I am an 18 years old student and High School in Connecticut. Well the reason I'm sending this email is that I have bent watching your videos from your youtube channel (thanks to Hugh Jefferyes), and I'm a big fan of laptops and computers just like you. Well I really do wanna learn how to repair and disassemble laptops and practice a lot. Well moving to the point, I would like to receive some laptops, phones, computer, console and etc, so I can practice and learn by myself to fix them and find a use for it. But the big problem is my Mom, she doesn't let me spend money so I can start buying and repairing them. So I would like to see if I could get to a point where I could get some from you and try to pay the least as I can (I don't know how am I gonna do this but yeah). All I want is to start this hoobie and I would love to get your help for that. So if anything you can contact me through this email or my Instagram @Ant0ni022.

Well I wish you a good day and keep up with this amazing work of yours.

Goncalves Antonio

May 7, 2021


  • Hey Antonio! Thanks for the post.

    I have regular bulk customers and I unfortunately I can't send computers to all the hundreds of people who ask for them. What I would suggest you do is check out my video on buying from recyclers:

    Like I said, it's impossible for me to get computers to everyone who wants them, but on the other hand, there are thousands of recyclers around the country, and they pretty much all have piles of computers like you see in my videos. It's important that everyone interested in refurbishing buy from recyclers so that the machines do not get scrapped. The computers I buy have already been saved, but you can save additional computers by establishing relationships and purchasing them from other recyclers.

    It's also worth getting in touch with organizations like -- they are recyclers with a strong community around them that can help you get the inventory you need.



  • Thank you John, you gave me some more ideals for my business.


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