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Macbook pro15"

edited May 2013 in MacBook Pro
I bought the macbook pro 15" late 2011 and some how its got EFI or firmware lock because when i turn it on it stays on grey screen forever so i tried restoring it from another mac then pram reset, holding down the command key and any other keys too and took out the memory upgrade it and downgraded it as well but nothing seem to work.
I will be really thankful to you if you can tell me the exact solution as i am completely fed up with it.


  • Jhon,
    When you boot up holding the option key down, what do you see? Your description is kind of difficult to pin down what's going on.
  • "Jhon",

    In addition to Devitol's question (which is important in determining whether or not you actually have a PRAM password), have you tried watching my video on the subject?:

    Assuming you do have a PRAM password in place, make sure to change the RAM and reset it three times, not just once -- doing it once will not eliminate the password.

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