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Flip camera won't turn on

edited May 2010 in General
Any experience with Flip cameras? It doesn't seem to work at all. Maybe there's a way to reset it? Flip's only suggestion was to take the batteries out for 48 hours, which didn't help.


  • edited May 2010
    Is it showing any lights or signs of life at all? Is it a Mino? If so, here's a link which offers a couple reset techniques (holding down the power button for 10 seconds, etc.):

    If it's not a Mino, let me know what model it is.

    Another solution: Buy the new iPhone 4G in a month? :-)
  • I'll try that when it gets here in the mail -- it's for my mom. She actually said "ask John if he can fix it!"
  • Hah, that's funny. Say "hi" to her for me!

    You know, if you both had iPhone 4Gs, you could troubleshoot the problem by video conference, and she wouldn't have to send stuff across the country! :-)
  • Turns out it was corroded battery contacts -- typical culprit! Easy fix!
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