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Fix damage from installing HD in place of DVD Drive in MacBook 13inch Early 2011 (S/N: C02F8LTTDH2H)

edited March 2013 in MacBook Pro
I'm trying to find out what the connection shown in the attached figure does — I dislodged it from the board while replacing the DVD drive.

The first graphic shows the location — adjacent to the fan.

1. Where should I go to get it soldered back on to the board?

2. Will it create any issues if I just ignore it?

Looks like I cannot upload a graphic here — please download from (enter code 'mbp13')


  • Hi! Looks like you have an early 2011 13" MacBook Pro i7. The black connector should be the right speaker. The silver connector should be the webcam. The machine should work without either, as long as you can live without half of the sound, or the webcam. I can't really determine the damage from what is shown in the pictures, but many local electronics repair companies (TVs, stereos, etc.) can repair this kind of thing, so I'd do a Google search. Also, there are many logic board repair companies on eBay, so you could do a regional search in the advanced search options for "Apple logic board repair", and then e-mail the sellers you come up with to see if they'd be up for it.

    If you do determine that you don't want to repair it, and you have verified that the related functionality is not working due to the damage, I would probably disconnect and put tape over the related cable, just so you don't run the risk of an electrical short.

    Good luck!

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