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Trouble shooting top case Macbook Pro 15 2.6 Silver Keyboard

edited September 2012 in General
Macbook pro 15 silver keyboard. Top case was working fine, I swapped the hard drive, plugged the keyboard back on the logic board. Power up the macbook, no light on the keyboard, mouse pad not working, and keys are not working. I swapped the another Top case, and it works fine with my Macbook. Tried my Top case on another Macbook Pro, not working.
Should I try swapping the ribbon cable? Or is there a logical method to try? Is there something I should look for on the top case?


  • The 15" aluminum topcase has separate wiring on the underside for the power button, and the trackpad and keyboard. The fact that you were able to power it on means the power button cabling is working, and also that the topcase is properly secured to the board (it wouldn't power on if it wasn't). What's left is the cabling the for the trackpad and keyboard -- I suspect one of the very small connectors or ribbon cables has come undone. I'd flip the topcase over and have a look. I don't have one in from of me in order to give details, but the wiring situation is pretty straightforward when you're looking at it, and I suspect one of the small ribbon cables has been released from the locking mechanism it belongs clamped down in. The mechanism has a flap that lifts up, the cable goes in, and then the flap goes down to lock it in place. I'd check and see if the cable is loose, or if the plastic flap is up. The mechanism is small enough that at first glance it may not appear there is anything wrong.
  • Ordered a replacement ribbon cable. Reconnected the connectors. Keyboard and trackpad are working. Thanks John.
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