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Keyboard Backlight

edited July 2012 in MacBook Pro
I am replacing the keyboard in my a1286 MBP and I have found your video on this very subject has led me here. The only thing I'm not sure about is the back lighting. Is there a trick to getting it just right, so I don't spend the entire day stripping down my computer again and again?


  • Hi! Unfortunately this is a skill I have yet to master, and as I've mentioned in various posts, it's very difficult to get it quite right. I think they were probably assembled by machine initially, so it's not as if there are markers that simply need to be lined up correctly. But maybe someone else will read this and give us some hints.

    For this reason I tend to opt for replacing the entire topcase with keyboard included, instead of just the keyboard. On eBay you can generally get the whole topcase with keyboard from China for not much more than the keyboard itself.

    If you've already purchased the keyboard, the best I can tell you is to line it up as closely as you can and cross your fingers.

    With one machine, I got so frustrated that I disconnected illumination completely and just pretended I had the non-illuminated version. Sounds silly I know, but it was better than constantly looking at the off-center lighting.
  • Thanks for the insight, I figured as much. Is there anyway to put the thing back together part way to check the back lighting? Instead of taking it apart several times?
  • Not really, unfortunately, because the board goes right on top the keyboard. I mean, you could leave the optical out, put the board in, connect the minimum number of connectors and only secure it with a screw or two, then prop the machine up on its side and power it on to see how it looks. But there is going to be some work involved each time you need to adjust it, just due to the board having to come out each time.
  • Thank you, this was very helpful!
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