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Which Core2Duo Logicboard for Black CoreDuo Macbook

edited July 2012 in MacBook

I was watching your Logicboard video and was wondering if you could help me with a question.
That is that I have a 2 Ghz Core Duo Macbook Black.
I would really like to replace the Logicboard with a Core 2 Duo Logicboard, in order to be able to run 64-bit applications.
Can you help me find a compatible Core 2 Duo Logicboard?
Is it possible to figure out if I need 3- or 4-wall without opening the Macbook up completely?



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    Unfortunately, no, it's not possible to figure out what kind of connectors without going into the machine, as far as I'm aware. Apple has never been good about providing this kind of information, and there is just no resource, especially for that kind of detail. I'd take off the topcase -- you're going to have to do it anyway, and it only takes 5 minutes.

    If you have a Core Duo, that means your board is an 820-1889-A, so you can replace it with a 2GHZ C2D or a 2.16 C2D 820-1889-A. Those boards both have 3-wall connectors, so the big question is whether or not you have the 4-wall version of the 2GHZ C2D, in which case you'd need to buy the 3-wall version of the heatsync/fan.

    If for some reason you don't want to open the machine in advance, you could always purchase the heatsync/fan assembly at the same time as the new board, and then you'll be prepared for whatever it turns out to be. They only cost about $10 on eBay if you buy them from LaptopAid. If you buy one, make sure to get the "curved" heatsync, and not one of the "straight" models.

    Hope that helps!

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    Hi John,

    thanks for the quick reply!
    I've opened it and it turns out that I have a 3-wall 820-1889-A board.
    It's just a hassle, since I have one of these snap-on protective covers :D

    I have seen a store that sells the Logicboards for reasonable prices (in my opinion), they have different identifier numbers for them though. Do you mind having a look here?:

    I did not see an energy star logo anywhere, so I feel like mine should be this:
    661-4217 (Late 2006, Black)

    What it does not say on the website is if it is 3- or 4-wall....

    Thank you!
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    I would buy this one from LaptopAid. They are the best seller of Apple parts. Prices are always fair, and they know what they are doing and have an awesome return policy in the rare case that there is a problem.

    I really don't know what those other part number are on the page you found...I see them occasionally and there may be a way to corollate them to the right board for your machine, but there is no resource that tells you which of those models has which connectors, etc., and thus the frustration with picking an Apple replacement board. It may be that 661-4216 is your board, but you're taking a risk, and chances are the seller doesn't even know about the 3-wall vs 4-wall issue.

    They don't really make it clear whether their intention is to sell you an Energy Star board or not. But anyway, your board is not Energy Star, which means that you have two solid rows of pins on the battery connector (Energy Star is missing two pins in the middle), so you don't want an 820-2213-A, which is Energy Star, unless you're willing to buy a new battery connector.

    The LaptopAid board clearly shows 3-wall connectors, non-Energy Star, and C2D, so you should be all set with that one.

    If you want a slight speed bump, you could also go with this 2.16GHZ board for the same price:

    It's not LaptopAid, but they have great feedback and they give all the right info, which tells me they know what they're doing. eBay is great about protecting buyers, so you're pretty safe. It's a "white" board, but all that means is that the ports on the left are chrome colored, instead of tinted black to match. In my opinion, they all really look about the same and it's not an issue.

    Anyway, hope that helps!

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