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MacBook Pro doesn't charge when powered off

edited March 2012 in General
Here's a new one for me. I have a MacBook Pro i5 A1278 that only charges when the computer is on. As soon as it shuts down the computer won't charge. I tried to do an SMC reset and have been unable to change the light on the charger when attempting. The logic board doesn't show a drop of liquid damage. Have you seen this before? Do you know where the SMC chip is on the logic board?


  • Wow, that's a weird one. I don't know where the SMC chip is. Of course technically you should try all the normal stuff, i.e. a different AC adapter, different battery, etc.

    When you say it's not charging when it's off, have you left it connected overnight, and then powered up and checked the battery with Coconut Battery or iStat Pro? When it's off, do you get a blinking light when you press the battery indicator light?
  • I tried all of the above. No charge indicated anywhere and the battery indicator does not blink when plugged in and off. As soon as it is powered on, sure enough the light on the charger turns green and then amber...

    Odd indeed.
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