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Sell your MacBook

Fellow electronics recycler in the midwest inviting you to check us out on ether Facebook or Youtube

Hello, my name is Gary Dewayne Vibbert Jr and as I said above I'm a fellow electronics recycler, with a passion for recycling, refurbishing, refining, and reducing the growing effects of producing pollution, from electronics waste, or pretty much anything to do with electronics in general! I'm currently attempting a business start-up, also in the mid-west, here in Indianapolis, called "G's World Of Technology Recycle" an Obtaining view, likes, and shares is starting to be an issue because I'm receiving, almost none. So IS know you're an electronics industry veteran, so I'm inviting you to check us out, and to like, comment, share, or subscribe, in hopes that your engagement would lead to more engagement from the public period! I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR RESPONSE, AN LINKS TO MY PAGES ARE SUPPLIED BELOW

With my most professional regards,

Owner and C.E.O. of G's World Of Technology Recycle,

Gary D Vibbert Jr


  • Hello, and congrats on starting a recycler! I liked your Facebook page.

    I wouldn't expect any visibility on FaceBook unless you are willing to pay for it (which may or may not be worthwhile). I've had traction on X, and traction on YouTube.

    I would give Nextdoor a shot -- let local people know you are the place to dump their old electronics, and also that you are the place to buy quality used electronics.

    Good luck!

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