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AHT: 4SNS / 1 / 400000000: TC0D- 108.125

Hi John,

My 5,3 2009 MacBookPro starting rebooting a few days ago. I ran the Apple Hardware Diagnostic and got:

4SNS / 1 / 400000000: TC0D- 108.125

Which is apparently a temperature sensor on the CPU.

I reset the NVRAM and I am currently running in SafeMode.

The kernel panic was ...

Sleep transition timed out after 180 seconds while entering dark wake on way to sleep.

When I look at system preferences / energy saver, the sliders are set to never for sleeping.

I tried running clamav to scan for viruses/malware, but it crashes after several hours.

Any suggestion? Is this the end-of-the road for my MBP?

Thanks in advance.




  • Hi Dave!

    First thing is you want to rule out sofware vs hardware. Boot to a different OS install on an external drive. If it still kernel panics, you know it's hardware, but if it doesn't, you know it's likely something corrupted on your internal hard drive.

    If it is hardware, you could try thermal paste, and you could try testing the RAM one slot at a time and one module at a time.

    If you do need a new board you should be able to pick up a scrap machine with that board in it pretty cheap on eBay.

  • Hi John,

    My MBP successfully ran Tails. Next, I reinstalled Catalina, ran clamav and did backups. No issues. Next I will test with memtest86+. So, OS software corrupted? Hacked?

    I recently ordered a replacement DVD/CD drive on eBay. The replacement drive won't accept DVDs/CD, but, the drive activates (mechanical sounds) when I reboot, or click the Eject button. What does this sound like? Bad drive?

  • Bad drive or a bad cable. Did you use the same cable you had previously, or one that came with the drive? If the cable is known-good, then yeah, bad drive. Most drive sellers don't actually test them because it takes work -- they just cross their fingers and hope the drives are OK.

    Wow, Catalina on a 2009? You're using DosDude? I'm no expert at that but the crashing could be due to the unsupported OS. From what I hear DosDude isn't perfect.

  • Yes, DosDude. It's been reasonably reliable, but there's not much I can do on it because of memory constraints.

    It is curious that the AHD indicated thermal sensor problems on the CPU board. Is this a temperature or an error code?

    TC0D- 108.125

    I contacted the DVD drive seller and he seemed like he only wanted to 'cap his risk'. Should I try to return it and get another one?

  • I have no idea on the codes. My troubleshooting method is to replace hardware...I don't spend any time with diagnostics, etc.

    Did you try a different cable? It's fairly common for the fault to be the cable when you have power but no data.

    Up to you on what to do. If it's eBay you can force him to do a return + free shipping since it's defective. Or try another if he assures you it's tested, which it probably isn't anyway.

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