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Windows Surface Pro Laptop

Hello John,

I recently saw your last posting and did see that you perhaps acquired a Windows Surface Pro Laptop? Would that item be available for sale at some point, or here on this site? I did send a direct email to you with this same question, so I do apologize for the "multiple" questions. I was not sure how to directly ask.

I would be very interested "IF" the item will be available for sale.

Thank you John.



  • Thanks Jason! I replied to your email. I'd prefer to keep that laptop for now because it's my only one and I'd like to learn about it.



  • Hi John, thank you for the reply sir. I appreciate that. No worries sir. I sent you a reply also to your email so apologies for the "double" messages. But thank you again. If you come into other similar units down the line, please keep me in mind perhaps.

    Thank you John!


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