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I have a Powerbook 140 that won't power on

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I've had this machine for a number of years. Recently I got inside of it -- it looks pretty pristine. From other videos I've watched I think the issue might be PRAM and I can't tell how to remove or replace it. I think the regular battery can hold a charge and I have both the original and an aftermarket AC adapter that I think work, though I did blow out a multimeter testing them. My main interest at the moment is that it was the only machine that could read both my old Macintosh as well as PC floppies and I've got a lot of both disks I'd love to view, and maybe even potential print from.


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    Hello! Thanks for the post!

    It's been ages since I looked at that machine, so I asked my friend Steve, who recently built one, and he pointed out that the service manual is online:

    He also stated: "The PRAM battery is inside, it can be disconnected and removed from the machine, it’s an odd little battery and I don’t believe there’s a replacement available, but it is not needed for the machine to boot and run...I’m not sure what symptom your contact on your website is having? If the computer wont start, I noticed that with a totally dead NiCad battery pack, the machine would not start with that battery connected to the system. If the battery is removed the system started right up."

    Hope that helps!



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