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Sell your MacBook

Buying a lot of for-parts MacBooks from RDKL INC

edited February 2021 in Business

I am interested in purchasing a for parts lot much like Hugh Jeffreys did. I saw a video recently where John said that if we send 70 bucks we can get some parts systems but I'm not sure of how to get that ball rolling. Any thoughts?

I repair later end 2013-2015 13 inch Retina Macbook Pro's regularly.


  • Hi! I am not taking new customers, and the box for $70 shipping was very old are not going to find a deal like that for retinas. I'd suggest watching my video on buying from electronics recyclers, because they are the source of all this material:


  • Thank you! I'll take a second look. I live in a fairly rural area, so what's a good way to know what places have decent inventory? Is there a directory or something I could look at to see places with parts for sale potentially?

  • No there is nothing like that -- check out the video. Recyclers are not retail stores and they do not advertise or invite retail-type customers.

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