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Face Time

I bought my wife a reconditioned MacBook from you for Christmas. All she wants to do is Face time with her grand daughter. We can not get it to work. If we enter her g-mail address it says "The server encountered as error processing registration. Please try later." If we click on "Create New Account" it shows a whirling circle and says "Loading" but it never finishes. Do you have a help phone? a help Chat How can I get help?


  • I should also say we are new to Apple.

  • Hi Bernie! If you read the listing of the laptop you purchased, it specifically states that it does NOT work with FaceTime or other modern apps because it is a vintage laptop that only runs an older OS.

    I would recommend 2012 or newer so that you have a modern OS like Catalina to FaceTime with.

    I do not have a help line...I offer support for eBay items through eBay messaging only.


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