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2017 MacBook Air Model MMGF2LL/A Power On Problems

I have completed all the fix options that I can find to make this laptop to power on with NO success.

here is what has been attempted:

New Battery installed

hold power button down with/ without power cord attached

disconeccted battery and attached power cord

disconnected the SSD

Hold down the option, command, R, P buttons with/without power button held down too


  • Where is the keyboard ribbon on this model?

    where are the contacts to jump start this model?

  • You state "power on problems", but what symptoms are you seeing? Do you get any signs of life? Do you have a light on the AC adapter? Anything on the screen, like a faint image? When you connect power, does the fan spin?

    You should remove the battery and SSD entirely -- neither is necessary for the computer to power on, and until you have a computer that powers on, they are just a distraction.

  • i have orange & green light on the AC adapter, No other signs of life. Nothing on the screen not even a faint image, no fan spinning at any time.

    I will remove battery and SSD and try to power on and let you know - thank you

  • Ok battery completely out and SSD out, AC cord orange, no fan, no power when pushing power button. I was hoping to get something. Very frustrating. Thank you for any additional ideas.

  • Where is the keyboard ribbon on this model?

    where are the contacts to jump start this model?

  • The keyboard cable is the fat cable coming down from the keyboard and connecting to the middle of the trackpad.

    I don't have one, so I don't know where the pads are on this might want to check out pads for similar Airs and see if they are the same.

    However, if you disconnect the keyboard cable and then connect to power, the fan should spin and the computer should power on automatically. This is effectively the same as tripping the pads. If the fan doesn't spin, you've got an issue.

    A few things to try: You could take the board out and check for corrosion, and if you find any, clean it with a toothbrush and alcohol. You could also replace the DC module (the small board right of the fan). It is odd that you're getting an orange and not green light, so a DC board problem is a possibility.

    I would also make sure you have a known-good charger.

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