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USB damage to MacBook pro logic board

edited November 2011 in MacBook Pro

I was tinkering with some externally powered USB electronics when I accidentally shorted 19v to ground. It seems that the MacBook (15" mid 2010) did not like this as there was a pop and a slight failed component smell. I would have thought there would be circuitry to prevent this destroying the entire board but the laptop no longer boots.

Does you have any suggestions?
is there a particular component on the board that is a likely culprit that I could replace?
I really can't afford to replace the entire logic board...

I really hope someone can help!




  • To start with, when you connect the AC adapter, is there a light on the plug, or is it black? After checking that, I would disconnect the AC adapter and unplug the battery, and let the machine sit overnight. Sometimes when these machines take a hit, letting them sit without power allows the charge to dissipate and they will eventually power on again. Of course, if something burned, it's likely the board is bad, but you never know. I'd also take the lower case off and examine the board to see if you can find the location of the burn, and if you can find it you might want to post a picture.


  • Seems to be the Texas instruments 2064 chip that's damaged.
  • Yikes, that's not good. You're probably going to need a new board then, unless you're really good with a soldering iron, etc. Personally there are only a few minor board-level repairs that I do, and that one is beyond my capability.

    One option is to look on eBay for "MacBook Pro logic board repair", and there are many reputable techs out there who will repair a board for you, if that is of interest.

    Anyway, good luck!
  • I'm going to give it a go myself, if I make a mess I'll try to pay someone else to clean it up. :)

  • Let me know how it goes! I'd be really interested to know if simply replacing the chip fixes the problem, or if the damage in that kind of situation goes beyond what is visible. Again, good luck!
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