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A1342 Test Points purpose identification

edited January 2021 in MacBook

Hey Everyone i want to know what will these test points would d if shorted in the photo below.

What will be the damage and what will need to be replace for logic board to work again.

Model no: Macbook 2009 late A1342

Thanks in advance


  • Hi! There are a million ways a board can be damaged, and I don't think the damage or the solution is specifically discernible with the info you have provided, and without actually having the board and testing it. The only pads that should be jumped are the power-on pads. If the board was fried by being zapped it in other places, it's likely scrap at this point, because that board doesn't have any value these days and it is not worth the time of a board repair tech.

  • Boards working right now but i want to know anyway would be nice to know what will stop it working and what will fix it.The circled points in photo are what i am interested in and yes i know about power-on pads and had them tried

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    I don't think it's possible to predict exactly what the damage would be....destruction is not an exact science. If you throw a television off the top of a building, you can't predict exactly the way it's going to break into a thousands pieces, and any result you get is not going to be reproducible.

    Just curious, why do you want to know this exactly, especially if the board is working?

  • Well i am just curious about it so seeing that posting photo with circles won"t help identify damge i took the liberty of identifying the componets and and their function lines etc so if you have schematics for 820-2883 board then i can post em here and are all a1342 2.26ghz logic boards same or do they have any difference in them

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    Even if I had them I couldn't legally post them here.

    Honestly, if you're trying to get people to help you, it would benefit you to be clearer about why you are doing this. Nobody is going to have answers to these obscure questions, especially if you are not letting them understand your motivations for wanting to know the information.

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    well certainly no harm can be done and for purpose of knowing these well imagine someone not knowing the power-on pads and being told by some fellow to just take the keyboard ribbon cable out and short to two of the small parallel plain square pads around keyboard and that person just shorts one of these marked pads would happen to him.

    And by the way you don't have schematics for this model so can you refer someone who do macbook board-level repairs and have schematics.

    And as i have post earlier i have used gotten these properly function lines identified properly just want someone to make sense of the schematics compared with the info i provide.

  • Hey john was wondering if you know someone who can read the schematics and tell me what those pads would do i can provide the component number and pins function

  • No, I don't know anyone who would do it for free, and without having an understanding of why they are even doing it.

    You should probably check out Louis Rossmann's Discord, he has a very active community over there.

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