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Apple 2 plus peripherals

Hi John, Ive enjoyed your videos. I was wondering if you sell any of your inventory? I Learned to code on an Apple 2 Plus way back in the early 80's. Im retired now and my wife got me a base unit Apple 2 plus from eBay. No monitor ,no floppy controller or floppy drives or any sort of storage device. Can you help?

Im looking for a device that will let me transfer data between my PC and the Apple II, almost like a disk Image so I can just pop in some sort of memory device and the computer will assume it is a floppy drive. This way I can download programs and games from different formats and populate the memory device so they can be used quickly and easily. >-- sale image of the Apple I got

Thanks in Advance,

VF-1 Squadron WSO


  • Hey Mark! Thanks for the post!

    I've gotten rid of most of the hardware from that video. I do have an Apple IIe color composite monitor that I could sell for $300 shipped if that was of interest. Has yellowing, but good condition.

    As for the question, that sounds a lot like the "gotek" device used in many kinds of vintage computers -- basically an SD card interface that allows you to load up thousands of programs using your modern computer, and then has an interface on the vintage side which allows you to pick which one you want.

    To be honest I am not an Apple II expert, so I'm not aware of a gotek solution for Apple II, although I would be very surprised if there wasn't one. I'd recommend posting to this group:

    If you post there, I guarantee you will be overrun with a hundred helpful answers. :-)



  • Thanks a bunch John, Happy Holidays and Be Safe!

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