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Mac mini 2018 Firmware Lock/Network Account

Hi there,
I have recently got into reselling MacBooks and the like, and have come across John’s videos a lot — which are very helpful! I am thinking of buying a lot of Firmware Locked Mac mini 2018s that have network accounts too but had a question. I saw John’s video over the Restore method for T2 chip machines (like these Mac mini 2018s) which definitely takes out firmware locks, but would this method also take out the network account “feature” I guess it’s called? Or is this network account feature some type of MDM/DEP that can’t be removed in any way? Thanks for the help!


  • Thanks for the post!

    I don't know what you mean by "network account feature"...are you talking about activation lock? If you could post a picture, that might help. Keep in mind the DFU method can potentially remove a firmware lock and wipe the machine, but it's can't remove an activation lock unless you have the password for the machine.

  • Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve attached a picture of the network account thing I’m referring to. Thanks!

  • That's just an account login. The machine appears to have Sierra on it (you can see the default background) takes a T2 chip (which it has if it's 2018) + Catalina to be activation locked.

    Does it let you boot to an external device? If it does, I would boot to a Mojave installer, wipe the drive, reinstall the OS, and go from there. If it doesn't, DFU mode might be your only option. It could also be just won't know until you explore further.

    Actually, are you sure that is a 2018? I believe 2018 Minis came with Mojave, in which case they would not work with Sierra, so that suggests you have an older Mini than 2018.

    You also have to ask why a company is letting go 2018 sounds a little sketchy. I would be careful.

  • edited September 2020

    Okay, thanks for the help John! I can confirm they are 2018s, but I’ll definitely think about all the factors you mentioned prior to purchasing them.

  • If that one is a 2018, how does it have Sierra on it? A Mac will not run an OS that is older than the one it came with.

  • Hmmmm, I wasn’t aware of that. It could have just been a background change though, as I do see that the Sierra background is included in Catalina, but if it’s on Sierra then that would be pretty suspicious. I’ve gotta ask them about that before purchase — thanks for letting me know about this, you’re an awesome guy!

  • No problem, and good luck!

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