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DFU Mode for Macbook Pro

Hello, I am attempting to unlock a Firmware Password on a MacBook Pro 2019 for my mom‘s friend. I came across an article about entering DFU mode on the Mr. Macintosh website, and found your video on Youtube. I have a question about what kind of cable I need to use, as well as which kind of Mac I can use. I have a MBP mid-2012, and I was wondering if you have attempted to go into DFU using a similar laptop. On your video you mention using a USB-C to USB-C to perform this procedure, but in the comments on the Mr. Macintosh website somebody reports that using a USB-A to USB-C worked for them. In your experience, does a USB-A to USB-C work? Does the quality of the cable matter, and if so do you have any brands you would recommend? Is it possible to do this with my MBP 2012, or do I need to find another one?


  • Also I'm getting excited about laptop and phone repair, and hope to start a business someday.

  • Hi, and thanks for the post!

    Just a standard USB-C cable. I wish I had more interesting news to report, but I have not tried with a 2012, only an additional USB-C machine, in my case a 2016. It may work, but I haven't tried it.

    I just checked the Apple document (which I reference in the video), and this is what it states you must have: "The latest version of Apple Configurator 2 installed on any Mac that supports macOS 10.14.6 and has Internet access." So in theory it may work if you convert the cable.

    Thanks and good luck! Glad to hear you're interested in the business!


  • OK. I had an inferior cable laying around, just ordered an amazon basics one and I'll let you know

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