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I have a MBP 15 June 2012 that I dropped and bent the screen several years ago. It sort of powered up but I powered it off. I believe the main unit if fine but wondering what the cost would to replace? Looking on eBay for non-working MBP's that state screen works but MB dead etc. Seeing costs @$100-150 plus shipping. Is this a money-pit. The original unit worked great.


  • Thanks for posting!

    It's not clear from your statement what the problem is. I don't know what you mean by "it sort of powered up but I powered it off". Is the screen broken? When you power on do you get a light on the screen? If there is no light on the screen, do you see a faint image when you shine a flashlight through the Apple symbol? Have you tried resetting the PRAM to reset the default screen brightness? I really need a lot more info before I can come to any kind of conclusion.

    If you do need a replacement screen, I'd recommend buying a 2011, since they are compatible, and a dead 2011 will be a lot cheaper than a 2012. The video cable on a 2011 is a little harder to connect, but other than that they are identical.

    Let me know more info, and I'd be happy to go further.



  • The screen actually bent and the screen cracked, booted up once and see some distorted image but an obvious lost cause. I salvaged the HD and RAM. I need a new "lid" and LCD. I used OWC to upgrade RAM, HD, battery so not afraid to attempt a cover/LCD replacement. So do I risk bidding on eBay for a similar model with a formally working screen? Appreciate the advise.

  • Ex. : $145 & $50 shipping from AUSTRALIA:
    Apple MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2012 Laptop Intel i7 2.6GHz 512 SSD - Parts or Repair
    Brand new ifixit battery was installed. Afterwards I could boot, user login screen would display, would start loading and then just get stuck. Recovery mode still works.
    Think there is an issue with the logic board but due to work didn’t have time to repair so had to buy a new laptop and restore from backup. Also had Retina screen replaced under warranty so that’s in pretty good condition. Some minor scratches and wear to outer casing.

    Serial: C02JQ02RFCQ3
    Sold as is. Condition is for parts or not working.SSD has been removed for privacy because I could re-format.

    Sent with Australia Post Standard.

  • That is super expensive and you're buying a whole laptop that you don't need. There are plenty in the US (assuming you are in the US), so there is no need to deal internationally. Just search eBay for "a1286 15" pro screen assembly". Here's one for $16 shipped:

  • You are Da Man! I didn't laser-focus my search on eBay. Thank you !!

  • No problem! The one thing to keep in mind is that this is a 2011 screen assembly, so the video cable takes a little more pressure to get into the socket, but it's 100% compatible. I put 2011 screen assemblies on 2012 machines all the time.

    Here's the iFixit guide to replacement:

    Good luck!

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