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Sell your MacBook

2012 MacBook Pro logic board and 2015 logic board replace DIY

I been workin on Macs and all for awhile but im having a hard time trusting anyone to do work im completely capable of doing just need to find better prices as well as advice on not wasting anymore of my time on these wonderful machines. Im not a pro im just having a hard time finding where to start on the 2015 someone hot glued the batter connection flex cable to the board and its not working because of that im sure. im already into this laptop $275 and im looking for the cheapest ideas..
The mbpro jus needs a new board I plugged it in and it smoked. the board lit up after I plugged it in with it open. I did notice green residue all over the i7 board. Need a better place to purchase a new board for both or at least this 1 mbpro then Ebay.


  • Hi! Thanks for the post.

    To be honest, I'm having difficulty determining exactly what you are asking.

    eBay is about the best play you'll find to buy boards. You get what you pay for, and there is no magic solution, or a place that has them super cheap. Definitely search for the board model number rather than "Mid 2015" or whatever. Often you can buy a broken machine with a good board, but there's always a risk with that.

    I recommend for guides as far as taking out and installing boards.

    I don't personally do board repair, but if that's what you need, check out Repairing a board is always difficult to justify paying someone to do, because you end up spending half the value of the board on repair. For lower-value boards, like 2012, it's really not worth it unless you can do it yourself, because the board is only worth $200.

    I don't know if you are interested in board repair, but if your goal is just to get these computers working, and otherwise you're not really into it, then often the best solution is to just sell what you have as-is and then buy replacement computers. There is a lot to board repair and it is not you've found it can be a rabbit hole as far as time, money, etc., so for people who just want their computer to work so they can move on with life, it's too much of an investment.

    Good luck!


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