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Recurring loose screen tips

Great video on loose screens.
I followed it and it made a big difference for a long while, but over time it became loose again, so I redid it and i works for while again but now I would say the screw/thread situation means it's never going to be as rigid like it was when I bought it (back in 2012). MBP 13".
Is there something else I can do? Maybe add some kind of engineers blue (? someone mentioned this to me), or some other sticky substance to help hold those connections tighter for longer?
Thanks for your site and videos!


  • Thanks for the post!

    Are you noticing the looseness on the computer side, or on the screen side? Either way, it's probably the screws or the hinge arms becoming stripped over time. You might try replacing the screws first. I've never tried glue, and that might work, but it could get messy, and good screws should be enough. You might try something like this, which would get you replacement screws and hinge arms:

    Also, something to look out for is that sometimes with extended wear the hinge and screen comes apart from the back of the screen casing, and that makes it seem like the hinge is loose when actually the hinge is fine but the whole screen is flopping around. In that case, it can be glued back together, but it never holds well and it's best to replace the whole assembly.

    Anyway, I hope that helps, and let me know how it goes!


  • Thanks John!
    I'll have to take a closer look.
    At the moment two things are apparent, one, if the screen is resting open further than half way of its range, then it slowly falls to fully open, same for if I put the screen an inch or two from fully closed, it closes by itself, and two, there is some give in the screen at its resting position.
    Now, on two, that 'give' was terrible before I used your fix, but there is a little still there.
    I don't if that is enough info to work out if I need new screws or something more.
    Thanks for your sterling advice!

  • One thing that comes to mind -- when you say it falls to fully open, is it still at an angle, or does it fall completely flat, like even with the keyboard? If it falls all the way down to the desk, you may need a new screen assembly...there are components in the screen assembly that keep the screen from falling all the way back, but these can get broken off with force, causing it to fall all the way. This may be what you are experiencing?

    Also, when you have the screen assembly off, I would grip the arms in your hands, and see if you can twist them just with your hands. The hinge should be stiff enough that you need pliers to twist the arms, so if you can twist them with your fingers, that is an indication of a problem deeper inside the hinge, and you may need a new assembly.

    In some MacBook models you can replace the components that keep the screen from falling all the way back, but I haven't explored that in the 13" Pro.

  • Copy.
    No, thankfully it doesnt fall flat, just to the normal fully open/back position.
    It's perfectly workable at +/- 30ish degrees either side of perpendicular. Before I followed your video it flopped closed or fully open +/- 1 degree!
    If I remember rightly, when I tightened up, the hinge was very rigid, so I am leaning towards something a bit deeper in the hinge. I can take another look later in the month.

  • I will also try to ascertain if the looseness is on the screen or computer side.

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