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Screen on 2007 iMac

The screen on my 2007 iMac started to show vertical lines in 2010 and by 2012, the whole screen was covered and you couldn’t see anything. Even the additional monitor I attached was blank... Do you know what this is and is there a fix? Thank you!


  • Thanks for the post!

    Just to start off, this machine has no financial value, so it’s not worth putting money into unless you are a repair hobbyist, etc.

    If you could supply the serial so I can determine the exact model, that would help. Lines on the screen generally indicate a damaged screen, but the way you describe it has characteristics of a bad graphics processor (no external video). Many iMacs do have replaceable video cards that tend to go bad, but I don’t think the 2007s did. With the serial I can determine if it’s a model that is prone to GOU issues. If the lines are in a specific place, that usually indicates a bad screen, but if they are scattered consistently across the screen, that’s GPU territory.

    But again, if it’s really a 2007, you’re better off picking up a newer iMac for $100 than putting money into it.



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