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Sell for parts or Repair?

I have a 2004 Titanium G4 laptop. Was top of the line when I bought it for use with Protools. Now, I have to keep it plugged in all the time or it will not turn on. Is the battery easy to replace or is it better just to throw it away? Also the way my apartment is set up I can’t run an ethernet cable and I’m not sure if that computer will pick up Wi-Fi.



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    Hi, and thanks for the post!

    Yes the battery is simple to replace — just slide the battery release lever on the underside of the computer and it will pop right out.

    The harder part will be finding a replacement battery as there is a shortage and they can cost as much as $100. But if you keep an eye on eBay you can pick up a working used one for less.

    These use the older wireless-B WiFi card which are not compatible with the encryption of many modern routers, so getting them to connect can be hit-or-miss. They do work with all Apple Airport extremes. If they don’t connect to a particular router, you can generally get them to work by turning off encryption on the router side, although obviously that not desirable.

    These laptops do have some retro appeal and can go for hundreds if they are in excellent condition, and preferably the higher speeds (1.33 and 1.5ghz). If yours is in good shape and a higher speed model, let me know and I’ll make an offer. The slower speeds in sub-par condition, on the other hand, are worth about $20.



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