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MacBook Pro 2016 Screen shaking/Loose

My MacBook Pro display is very loose and is shaking. When I use it the screen shakes .I think the hinge is not broken but loose.Can you help me out with tightening the hinges.


  • Thanks for the post!

    The ends of the hinges on either side are not actually part of the hinge, but separate pieces screwed on with a few screws, and it's very common that these screws become loose. You are most likely correct -- your hinge is fine, but these screws need tightening, and so you get a "flopping" sensation.

    Check out this video for a tutorial:

    I have a similar video for a 2009-2012 Pro in the "Videos" section, but this video is for a Retina machine, which will be better for you to watch, since there are some differences in the procedure, although the fundamental problem is the same.

    Good luck, and let me know how it goes!


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