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2015 11" MacBook Air opens flat

edited August 2019 in MacBook

I have a 2015 11 inch MacBook air. When I open it up, it opens up flat. I've replace the clutch cover. I bought a new camera cable and left hinge combo to replace but when I took it apart, it seems as though the hinge is still good. Is there another piece that may be broken that holds the macbook air in the open position?

Can you please help me?


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  • Hi! Thanks for the post!

    It's funny you mention this because I have an 11" Air with the same problem that I've been avoiding looking at. Like yours, it has a sturdy hinge, but it falls all the way back.

    I took it apart, took off the clutch cover, and I could find nothing at fault other than the left and right hinges...there just isn't anything else in there that could be at fault. I think the hinges have an internal mechanism to keep the screen from going back, but most likely both of them broke at the same time due to pressure.

    I took apart a similar Air and confirmed that its hinges did NOT go all the way back. So I think it's just the hinges. You'll need to replace the camera and video cables too, since those are clamped inside the hinges and not removable (see picture).

    Admittedly I've never done this before, but since you have the left hinge and camera cable, I'd replace that first, then verify the left hinge stops without going all the way (you can do this manually without re-installing), and then proceed with the right hinge.

    Thanks again -- I learned something! :-)


  • Thanks for the response, I will go ahead and replace the left hinge and order a right hinge. What you said seems like the only thing it could be.

    I'll try it out and check back in once I have them replaced.

    Thanks again

  • Sounds good! I'll be interested to know how it goes. Once you have the left hinge off, you might want to pry it open and see if there are any small broken parts.

    Also, lots of replacement parts are never tested and end up being bad, so if the replacement hinge has the same problem, it's possible it's not good either. I have that problem quite a bit...people just don't bother testing $10 parts before selling them.

  • Looks like it was the hinges .... Both. This is not going to be an easy repair

  • Just finished the repair. I started off by trying to replace the hinges. Replacing the hinges involves removing the faceplate on the LCD, removing the LCD, ECT..... Long process.

    I was 95% complete with removing the faceplate from the screen and "crack". My LCD cracked. Bad luck.

    Long story short I just ordered a new whole screen assembly from eBay ($47) and it was a much better choice.

    Got it up and running.

  • Wow, you got a good deal on the screen -- they are usually 2-3x that price. Anyway, glad it worked out!

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