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Buying one of your macbooks

Hi I ami interested in buying one of your laptops. I don’t know what no restoremediaincluded means. Do these come with the basic software that comes on a Mac (GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto etc..). Thanks.


  • Hi! Thanks for the post!

    No restore media means that they do not come with physical restore media to re-load the system (99% of laptops out there don't either). But in most cases you can do an Internet restore if you ever need to re-load the system software. The laptops come with a fresh install of the OS, so it should not be necessary to do that anytime soon.

    The laptops come with iTunes and the photo app, which are the default apps, but not additional ones like iMovie, Garageband, etc., which are add-on apps. However, these can be purchased fairly inexpensively in the App Store.



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