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MacBook A1342 Water Damage

edited May 2019 in MacBook

Hey, glad to have found your site and appreciate your thoughts on this challenge. My kid spilled some coffee on my wife's MacBook A1342 (2010 version 2.4Ghz) a couple of years ago. It stopped working and has sat in a drawer for two years. We recently opened it up and found that the battery swelled so we replaced it this week. It appears to be charging (amber then green light), but the laptop won't turn on. There is no response to the power key. I disassembled the device to look for corrosion and cleaned up a few spots with 90.1% alcohol. The HDD appears to be good because we were able to access the data from another Mac using an adapter cable. I don't have a methodical test plan to identify my root issue(s). Ideally, it would be great to buy a replacement laptop, minus the HDD, and drop our working HDD into it. I just don't know a better option since I'm not a proper technician and don't have a test plan. Thanks for your help and wisdom.


  • Hi! Thanks for the post!

    The power button is connected to the keyboard, which is connected to the board, so what most likely happened is that the keyboard got fried and so you can no longer start the computer.

    If you click on the "power on pads" section at the top of this page, you can look up your board and find instructions (watch the video) on how to disconnect the keyboard cable and jump the board. If you can jump it, that confirms the power button/keyboard is bad, and if you can't, it means the damage affected the board (and possibly the keyboard too).

    Even if you find that the board is good, these machines don't have replaceable power buttons/keyboards, so you're still basically stuck with the solution you mention -- putting your HD in another machine.

    I am selling both speed A1342s in the "marketplace" above, so if you bought one I'd give you a $15 discount if you didn't need the hard drive. Just e-mail with your PayPal address and I'll send you a customized invoice.



  • John, good timing...I was just reading about that on your site and will try it tonight. I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you for the quick help.

  • John, no luck. The machine didn't respond to the jump so that narrows down my options. I'll talk to my wife about her urgency to buy the replacement and follow up with you. Again, I'm really thankful to have found your site and for your responsiveness.

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