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Sell your MacBook

Serial Number rubbed off

edited October 2011 in General
Hi John,
Not really a tech question but I thought you might still know the answer:

I have a MacBook Pro with AppleCare coverage - I checked under Apple > More Info, but it looks like the bottom case doesn't have a serial number on it. Do you know if Apple will replace the case with the serial number on it? Will I have a problem if the computer ever stops booting?



  • Hi! Was the serial rubbed off via normal use, or was it intentionally rubbed off? If intentionally, where did you get this machine, and was it a legitimate source? They may not care that the serial is not on there, as long as they can get it from within the system (pull down the Apple menu, choose "About This Mac", then click on the OS version twice, and you'll see the serial...if it's not there, the board has been replaced and the serial was not re-inserted).

    They can also pop the machine open and get the serial off the board.

    So, in short, if it's a legit machine and the serial being rubbed off does not look suspicious, I don't think it's a big deal even if the machine dies because they can get the serial off the board.

    What I would do is proactively register the computer and the AppleCare with your information, so if it does die, your information will come up, and not the previous owner's info.
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