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Any way to increase RAM? MacBook Pro Retina 13inch Early 2015 Processor 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 - 8GB

We have 2 yeh-faithfull 2015 MacBook Pro's ... would love to expand RAM to 16GB on both, and maybe install faster SSD drives.
Any way to run the upgrade on the RAM?
(I know the SSD HD is doable, but RAM will have a higher impact on performance)


  • Thanks for the post!

    Unfortunately, as of the 2012 Retinas, and all Airs, it is impossible to upgrade the RAM on MacBooks because it is soldered onto the board and there are no RAM expansion slots. You could conceivably replace the logic boards, but that would require a lot of effort and probably cost more than the laptops are worth. Lack of RAM expansion is one of the frustrating cost-cutting moves that Apple has made in recent years.

    You can definitely upgrade to a larger SSD, but it's not cheap. I would recommend sticking with OEM because most of the 3rd party SSDs do not comply with OEM standards and require lots of frustrating hacks in order to work. I'm not sure you will find SSDs that are significantly faster than the stock SSDs...some 3rd party versions claim to be faster, but you will probably run into the issues I mentioned, and I'm not sure that the performance increase, if there is one, will be enough to make the whole ordeal worthwhile.

  • Thank you John! sad but true :-( -- guess we'll just leave those MacBook pro's unaltered

  • I’d be interested in know this too.

  • @gadgetgeek76 , I'm not sure if you saw that I answered the question above.

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