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Logic board

Video board failed on MacBook Pro "Core i7" 2.0 15" Early 2011-(Early 2011 15", MC721LL/A, MacBookPro8,2, A1286, 2353-1*), w/high-resolution antiglare 1680x1050 display. Interested in a repair quote, please.


  • Hi! Thanks for the post!

    I don't do repair for individuals (I repair laptops and sell them), and I also don't do board repair, so I can't quote you.

    Unfortunately the situation you're in is a difficult one because your laptop is only worth about $350 on eBay, and a GPU replacement tends to cost about $200-$350 depending on where you go. Many people aren't competent at the repair either, or they give you a chip that ends up having the same problem, so it can be a frustrating rabbit hole to go down. Be very wary of people who use a heat gun or put the board in an oven instead of actually replacing the chip.

    Consider that you can get a 2013 15" Pro Retina on eBay for $600ish -- that might be a better investment than dumping $300 into an eight-year-old laptop.

    That said, if you want to go down the repair route, you might try Louis Rossmann, or you could contact this guy on eBay, who recently mentioned to me that he will swap the chip for a reasonable price (although I have not used his services and cannot vouch for him):

    Anyway, good luck, and if you do get a repair, let me know how it goes!


  • Thank you, John. I'm stuck for the moment because I use a number of Rosetta-based programs in my practice and cannot easily switch over to a newer operating system. I run High Sierra on a chip for specific usages but my main system in on Snow Leopard. I understand there are no later Macbook Pros that will run Snow Leopard; even the late 2011s came with Lion. So I will continue investigating the repair. But thanks so much for your advice. I will let you know the results. Wally

  • No problem! And if you are interested in buying another 2011 for $350-ish let me know, as I do sell them and I can list one in my store. However, the danger with those is that you may run into another bad GPU eventually, since the issue is so common. I warranty my machines for 30 days.

  • I think I am interested in purchasing another unit. I assume it is unlikely that you have the same unit available, especially with the w/high-resolution antiglare 1680x1050 display. What do you have available that will run on Snow Leopard?

  • Hi! I'm out today but tomorrow I'll see what I have as far as 2011 15". I know I have a few 2011 13" 2.3GHZ i5s, if those are of interest. No, I probably don't have the high-res model, but I'll check.

  • Just listed this:

    If interested, please e-mail me at, and we can work out details outside of this public forum. I can customize RAM/HD if you want, and I can load on Snow Leopard.



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