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Sell your MacBook

Lost firmware password

Hi! In a bit of a pickle.. was gifted a MacBook pro from my hilariously paranoid elderly father after he "lost" his firmware password and got fed up with Apple as they could not help him over the phone. I have tried to reset password in the terminal but am not having any luck.. any suggestions?


  • Hi! Thanks for the post!

    It all depends on which MacBook Pro you have. Let me know the year...if you don't know, I can look it up with the serial number, or you can look it up yourself at If it's 2011-ish or earlier, the issue can be resolved by following the procedure in this video:

    If it's 2012 or newer, it can be reset, but it requires hardware tools to rewrite SMC chip, and frankly it's not worth investing in the hardware for just one computer. I would suggest searching eBay for "macbook pro password removal", and you will find a ton of people selling the service of removing the password -- you pay the $99 or whatever, then send the computer in, they remove the password, and send it back.

    Hope that helps!


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