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Sell your MacBook

Mac laptops for sale

I have several Mac laptops to sell, let me know if interested


  • edited September 2018
    Hi! Yes, I am potentially interested. Please check out the "contact" link on this page, or click on the "Sell Me Your Broken Computer" button from anywhere within this site. Enter the relevant info, and I will get back to you with a quote.

    Or, if you have lots of laptops, please e-mail a spreadsheet (or whatever information you have) to

    I do buy "as-is" material (i.e. incomplete, broken, untested, etc.), however the more information you can get me the better, and the more I can pay. Be sure to include mention of completeness, especially as far as whether or not laptops include hard drives, RAM, batteries, lower casings, chargers, etc. Also please give an approximate estimation of quality, and let me know to what extent the laptops are tested. Pictures are always good and can make up for a lot.

    I understand it's difficult to provide all the info, and it's not absolutely necessary, but the less information I have, the lower the offer will be, because I have to mitigate the risk on my end.

    Also, I'm currently only buying A1342 white unibody and up -- in other words, I'm no longer buying A1181 white MacBooks, because unfortunately they don't have significant value.


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