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iBook G3 bad video

My iBook G3 has the bad video issue. When I squeeze it on the left side it gets better for a while. Is there something else I can do?


  • Wow, that's an old laptop!

    There is not a reliable method of fixing the problem permanently. In these laptops, the GPU comes un-seated from the board, and when you squeeze the left side, you are literally pressing the chip against the board so it has a better connection. One thing you can do is insert a "shim", which is a flat object placed between the lower casing and the lower shielding, directly against the GPU. Basically the shim creates pressure against the GPU because the lower casing pressed against it, and the shim presses into the lower casing, which presses into the GPU. So it simulates the same effect you get when you squeeze the left side of the palmrest.

    I haven't done this in years, but I generally used 3-5 square sticky notes, and folded them in half, to create 1/8"-1/4" of width. If you remove the lower casing, you'll see a square stamped into the metal lower shielding -- this is an approximation of where the GPU is, so you can tape the paper onto the lower shielding so it covers the square.

    This method can work, but the pressure weakens with time, and you eventually need a bigger shim, etc. It works best if the laptop sits on a desk and is never moved...movement worsens the situation.

    You can use a heat gun on the GPU to re-solder the connection, but methods of this sort are hopelessly imprecise and produce random results.

    Good luck!

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