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High Sierra on A1181 white Macbook

I see that some people are using a patch to get a high Sierra on original white MacBooks, how can I do this?


  • edited September 2018
    I would not recommend using an OS that Apple doesn't allow you to install. There is a reason Apple cuts you off at a certain point -- generally, the laptop's GPU is not capable of running the new OS efficiently, and you're going to suffer from severe performance issues. In addition, I've seen many users eventually become stranded because these hacks don't play well with software updates, and so when an update is applied, they end up with a corrupted OS install and nowhere to go. In my view it is irresponsible to give users a laptop that has been shoehorned into an OS that it was not meant to support...that is, unless you are prepared to offer ongoing support. But inevitably that support mechanism disappears, and the user ends up in a crappy situation with no clear course of action.

    If you're a hobbyist, that's a different. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade the video cards on old Mac Pros so they will accept a newer OS. But that's a different scenario than applying a hack to A1181s so you can state that your eBay laptops come with High Sierra.

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