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Air or Pro

Shoud I buy an air or pro? I don't know the difference


  • Hi!

    This is a big topic, but the primary thing to keep in mind is that the Air sacrifices a lot of processing power and overall functionality in order to give you a thin, light computer, so if you don't specifically need a thin, light computer, you're most often better off with a Pro. That's especially the case now that the 13" Pro retina models (2012+) are super thin and relatively light anyway.

    From a repair standpoint, the Air is a very flimsy machine, without a lot of internal support, and it's far more prone to screen damage and corner bumps. It's definitely not a good laptop for careless kids. The video cable is encased in the hinge, and it doesn't take much to smash the hinge and cause video issues...this is a very common problem, and it's not all that practical of a repair to take on.

    So yeah -- unless you find an Air super cheap, or just don't need a powerful laptop, go Pro.
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