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Powerbook G4 17" não liga

Muito boa tarde estou lhe a escrever se saber o que fazer mais, eu tenho um powerbook G4 de 17 polegadas mas não liga nem com bateria nem só com o carregador a bateria carrega mas não dá ecra e o teclado parece que não trabalha o que poderá ser..

Agradecia uma resposta o quão mais rapido possivel Obrigado


  • Hi! Sorry for the delay. Also, I am relying on Google Translate, so I may be misunderstanding your message.

    Are you saying you get nothing on the screen (is it black with no image?), the keyboard is not working, and it will also not power off the battery? Did these faults all start at the same time? Have you ever witnessed the laptop working, or did it come to you in this condition? When it is powered on with no display, is the sleep light on?

    These require 65W ACs, but I would guess you have 65W if you are able to power on via the AC. The battery could be bad -- there are many cases in which a battery will appear to charge but will not power on the laptop.

    I would start by eliminating non-essential components. If the screen is black and the keyboard is not working, you have bigger issues than the battery, so for now I would remove the battery. Next I would probably test the RAM slots -- remove one RAM module, and see if you get a display with the slot empty, and if that doesn't work, do the opposite and see if you get a display with the other empty. A "bad" slot populated with RAM will usually cause a black display with a sleep light. Also, make sure you have the correct speed RAM for your computer. The wrong RAM can cause similar symptoms. (If you have seen the computer working in the past, then chances are you have the right RAM.)

    If that doesn't work, I would probably take off the topcase/keyboard and jump the board from the power-on pads. If this works, it indicates there is a problem with the topcase/keyboard, and if not, it proves the problem is deeper. You can find take-apart guides on

    It's been a while since I've worked on 17" PowerBooks, but if I remember right some of them do have GPU defects, and a classic sign of a GPU defect is a black screen with sleep light, so it's possible that is what you are experiencing, in which case you have a bad board and there is no easy repair.

    Thanks, and if you let me know answers to the questions above, I can give a more specific response.

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