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White MacBook No Chime Black Screen Sleep Light Stays On

Hi John,

On the White MacBook (Late 2007 Santa Rosa) A1181

13" / 2.2 GHz / 2 x 1GB RAM (DDR2 667) / 120 GB HD

Still unable to boot it...

I have:

1) Used a known working AC adatper to try to boot it (didn't work)

2) Tried starting up with and without the battery, only with the AC cord

3) Charged the Battery (charged successfully) with another known working White MacBook

4) Tried your procedure for starting up with RAM Modules removed one at a time (even cleaning gold connectors, trying other known-working RAM Modules, and making sure they are seated correctly)

All to no avail...

I have not tried the magnet thing...

Any suggestions?



  • Hi Max!

    In our previous conversation you stated that you are getting a black screen with no faint image and a glowing sleep light, which is the most telling detail. Because the sleep light is on, you know that the computer is not even trying to put an image on the screen...many people incorrectly diagnose this situation as a bad screen, but the screen should never be suspected unless there is no sleep light.

    The 2007 model takes 667MHZ RAM, so you have the right RAM, but it's also critical to know whether or not you have good RAM. If possible I'd try the RAM in another laptop to verify. Once your RAM is known-good, I'd try one module in one slot, then the other, then the other module in one slot, then the other. If you don't absolutely know you have good RAM, then you will never absolutely know if it's the RAM or a bad board.

    If you still get the same situation, there's a 95% chance of a bad board. Next I would remove all non-essential components, remove the topcase/keyboard, and jump the board with tweezers or a screwdriver -- the power-on pads are just beneath the fan, and there is a small power symbol immediately above the pads. Doing this allows you to rule out the topcase: If you jump the board and still get a sleep light, you know it's a bad board, but if the machine powers on normally, then you know the topcase was the problem and needs to be replaced. From dealing with dozens of A1181s a week I can tell you that it's most likely the board. On the bright side, these machines are now very cheap, and you can probably buy a working 2007 with a broken screen for $30 on eBay. I wouldn't specifically buy a board because it will be overpriced, especially if it is guaranteed-working.


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