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efi macbook air a1370 mid2011 11"

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I am tired to reset efi of macbook air, please let me know is it possible to remove ssd and install on other mac then format and install OS X on ssd, and install back ssd on main macbook air.
Thans in advance


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    Thanks for the post. That is a good idea...unfortunately I haven't tried it myself. I guess the question here is whether or not the lock ties itself to the OS installed on the drive, or to the hardware ID of the SSD module.

    In older Macs, the key to removing the lock is to change the amount of RAM, and then immediately resetting the PRAM three times, but of course in Airs that is not an option because the amount of RAM is fixed.

    You can have this unlocked for as little as $35 on eBay buy buying the service. Just search for "MacBook Air EFI lock". Basically you pay the money, send your laptop in, and they do unlock, and send it back. If they can't do it, they refund your money.

    I looked at a number of the auctions, and some of them state that if the hard drive has been wiped, the procedure may not work. That might mean that the lock IS tied to the OS install, and so if you wipe the OS, you're stuck. But it's hard to tell. If that is the case, it would be dangerous to wipe/reinstall the SSD as you are suggesting.

    I would probably e-mail a few of the eBay people who are providing the service and see what they suggest. It might be worth the $35 to avoid getting stuck.

    Thanks, and sorry I don't have more concrete advice.


  • I disassemble my macbook air and finally found the EFI chip MX25L6406E , the Guilty chip :) , I resolve to buy programmer for Eeprom this chipset, how is this solution?
  • here the programmer is about $80 new brand, maybe I can find with $45 used one, and flash the chipset with new firmware, but I afraid with new firmware the security of chip remaining :((
  • Wow, you're beyond my experience with this, so I have no advice to offer unfortunately. But let me know how it goes -- I'm curious!

  • I bought the programmer, and very nice to work with this, but still cannot find the efi file of my macbook, do you have any idea to find it :(
  • I find it, it work and macbook is useful right now :) right now my data about locked macbook up-grated, :) feel free to ask any question
  • Great to hear, and sorry for the late reply! You should really make a YouTube video outlining the process -- it would be very popular, because this is a common problem. What brand/model EFI programmer is it?
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    Nate testing...
  • IMG_3054

    It worked! Only seems to take ones of certain size, but hey there's got to be a limit.
  • WTF, have you started climbing trees as a hobby, or is Google Earth just getting really amazing?
  • WTF, have you started climbing trees as a hobby, or is Google Earth just getting really amazing?
    That's from my porch window!
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