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Powerbook G4 12" Not runing, only beep !!!

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Powerbook G4 12" Not runing, only 3-4 beep and flash sleep light.
A friend gave it to me, no charger. I bought but he does not want to run.
Its model A1010, 867mhz
I uploaded the video, look at it. Please help !!!?

I want do I apply a a link to the video that I shot Powerbook G4 !!!?


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    Hi! Thanks for the post. I don't see a link to the video. Beeping is usually related to memory -- how many beeps are there, 3 or 4? The number of beeps indicates the problem. I would remove the memory from the slot and see if it still beeps when you power on. You may have bad RAM, or the wrong type or RAM, or you could have a bad slot that causes the machine to not power on when the slot is populated.

    The 12" PowerBook has some RAM on the board (either 128MB or 256GB), so it should power on without RAM installed in the slot.
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    Thanks for the quick response. May not lay a link, the site does not allow, how to show you the video that I shot !!!?
    Enter youtube, search: Powerbook G4 12" Not runing, only beep and flash sleep light.
    Firs video, my Powerbook. Video is seen at the back a MacBook pro !!!

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    Thanks -- I saw the video. I would pretty much proceed as I described above, i.e. remove the battery, take off the memory cover on the underside, remove the RAM, and see if it powers up.

    If it does, we can go from there. If not, I'd reset the PRAM and PMU, but beyond that there's not a lot of options left.
  • Hey, I did as you said. I pulled out RAM memory, battery and Airport card of nothing, only 3 beep is heard of what might be. Where to look for problem !!!?

    Send your video I did a private message !!!

  • Unfortunately 3 beeps indicate a memory error, and since no memory is installed in the slot, that means the memory on the logic board is most likely at fault. Since the onboard RAM is part of the board and non-removable, there's not a lot you can do besides replace the logic board.

    Sorry for the bad news!

  • That is, do you mean that the built-in RAM is 128MB problem. Can not something be done to isolate. Or to work only with external RAM 512mb !!!?
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    Unfortunately I've never found a solution for PowerBooks or iBooks in this situation. I have heard of people altering the logic board and then updating the configuration in open firmware to only use expanded RAM, but I don't know if that is something people have actually managed to do, or if it is myth.

    Your laptop has a value of about $50, so if you really want it working again you can probably get a parts machine with a good board on eBay very cheap and then use the guide to do a transplant.

  • Hello, I have another question for you John.
    Is this integrated RAM 128mb bottom of PB G4. If this is them pyrviya blackened nub on the bottom you can be the problem is down to?
    The pictures I have sent a private message !!!

  • Hi! Yes, I believe those are the internal RAM chips. However, I don't know how to disable them.
  • There you how to recover. To change the exhaust chips?
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    Honestly, I don't know how to do board-level repair, so I can't help with that. You would need a rework station, and very specific experience. There's no telling whether the procedure would even help the situation. I would definitely recommend buying a scrap laptop that has a good board and swapping the boards out.
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