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mid 2011 iMac Logic Board - NO USB, WIFI, BLUETOOTH or SDCARD

edited August 2015 in General
Has anyone encountered, and been able to fix, an iMac 2011(mid) 21.5" logic board that allows the system to boot up completely, has Ethernet, Thunderbolt and FireWire available, but that has a dead USB Hub (rear ports), SD Card does not show up in the System Profiler, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also not being detected by the system? Any light that can be shined over this matter would be great. I also do not think it is related to water damage as there is no signs of it anywhere.

I have tried baking it, and cleaning what looks like corrosion with alcohol to no avail.

Thanks up front!


  • Thanks for the post! I specialize in Apple laptops, so unfortunately I don't have much to offer in the way of iMac-specific advice.

    Have you booted to an external drive, or wiped the OS, in order to rule out software? I would also do all of the resets, not so much because I expect they will make a difference, but just to rule them out.

    Some MacBooks have WIFI/Bluetooth/etc. on a separate module and so if those sorts of things all fail to show, it's an indication that the cable connecting that module is either not connected or having problems. But from what I understand of the recent iMacs, I think it's all built into the board, and so it couldn't be anything this simple.

    You might just be looking at a bad board, unfortunately. My abilities shop short of board-level repair, but you might check out rossmanngroup dot com (I'm spelling it out because my site will think the post is spam if I don't). They are a reputable repair company and might be able to take care of it for a few hundred. They might reject it because it's already been worked on (baked), but I'm not sure of that.

    Anyway, sorry I don't have more ideas!


  • Hello
    You could find some way to repair?
    is apparently a problem with the USB ports, as Bluetooth card is connected to the internal USB iMac
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