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Bad RAM Slot Mac - Not Giving Up!

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So here's the background:

Have 2 4gb RAM cards, only one is getting recognized on Macbook Pro mid-2009 running on OSX 10.10.2. I have run the Apple Hardware Test, running the Memtest (which is redundant since I have already switching out both cards in the good slot and bad slot to isolate issue, I know). Found that when RAM is plugged in to the bad slot, the computer will not turn on and it will beep...indicating most likely a bad RAM slot.

My question is is there any other way to fix this other than replacing the logic board? Do not want to invest much more into this Macbook but cannot afford a new setup right now.

Just want to exhaust any creative options out there that may work before I accept my fate


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    Hi! First off, I apologize for the delay -- sometimes there is a glitch with my website that causes me to not see a notification of a new post.

    Anyway, unfortunately, there is no other fix than a new logic board. There may be a solution in the world of logic board repair, however if that is the case it's likely going to be cost prohibitive when you consider it's a 2009.

    You've probably done this, but make sure to try the other module in the bad slot, because sometimes it's actually the RAM that is the problem, or a temperamental pair of modules that don't like working together. But if you put the one that is currently working in the bad slot and don't get a display, that pretty much tells you everything.

    You can always do stuff like PMU/SMC/PRAM resets (unlikely to help, but never hurts), and even blow out the slot with compressed air in case a broken fragment is blocking part of the slot, etc.

    Good luck!

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