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Ti Book M8407 667 Mhz

edited November 2014 in MacBook
My Ti Book M8407 667 Mhz SNQT15101FLY1 has the following, consistent symptoms.

If I hold the power button on at length, there will be one long tone, followed by flashing white led, followed by the normal boot chime, followed by a black screen. I also hear the hard drive spinning up, or trying to. The battery is good, the PRAM battery shows 3+ volts? The charger light is green. Zapping the PRAM doesn't do anything.

What do you think?

Best regards,



  • Thanks for the post!

    When you hold the power button in and get the flashing light, you're doing a PMU (power management unit) reset, so that behavior is normal, although after it's done the screen should light up. What happens when you try to power on normally? Do you ever get light on the screen? When the computer seems to be booting up (with a black screen) do you see a faint image if you shine a flashlight through the Apple symbol from behind? When the screen is dark is the sleep light on or off?

    These preliminary questions will give me a better idea where to start. If you see a faint image, you're likely dealing with the lack of an inverter light, which could be the screen, inverter cable, inverter, or the board. If you don't see a faint image against the black screen, and especially if the sleep light is on while the screen is black, it's probably another type of issue, and for this scenario I would start by powering on with the battery removed. Then try testing the RAM slots by powering on with one slot empty, then the other slot empty (often a slot is bad, causing odd behavior if it's populated).

    But anyway, once I have more info I can make more suggestions. Connecting an external display is also a good step if you have the ability to do that and see if it works. Am I correct in that this is the version with the VGA port and not the one with the DVI port?


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