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Sell your MacBook

MacBood Pro Late 2008 Model GPU issue

edited January 2014 in MacBook Pro
I need to know , Who can do a good job for replacing the GPU ship via Rework machines

could you recommend somebody


  • Hello! Thanks for the post, and sorry for the delay.

    I'm assuming you're talking about a 15" aluminum Pro. Personally, with working boards going for $100-$150, I would just buy a new board rather than have someone repair one and hope they know what they are doing, because that is always hit or miss.

    If you definitely want to get it repaired, check out this thread on iFixit, in which someone who seems very competent posts pictures of the process. Obviously you want someone with a rework machine and not just a heat gun. If you think his process look legit enough, you can contact him through iFixit and I'm sure he'd probably do the repair for you. Beyond that, there are lots of people selling that repair service on's pretty risk-free, because if it doesn't work out you just open a case against the seller and get your money back.


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